Message From Chairman

Judge-Halim Chairman of Bimac

Judge Halim

(Chairman Of BIMAC)

Bangladesh is a developing country located in south Asia and rapid growing country in international business. But her court is overloaded with millions of cases. Normally one has to wait 8 -10 years to get verdict from the court and litigation cost is very high. These time consuming and costly trial is a mental agma for domestic and international businessman.

In these circumstances Judge Halim has set up this center to render the solution outside of the court by providing Alternative Disputes Resolution ADR to the party involved. In this way, party involved gets solutions within the quickest possible time by low cost.

BIMAC provides ADR service to the client regularly locally and internationally. by in person and online also.

I believe from my bottom of heart that mediation is the appropriate solution of the dispute it has no Apple or review or vision.

Parties involved can settle the dispute with the expert neutrals BIMAC with one or two sittings only what is a miracle in Bangladesh real system.

The parties involved can choose the neutral from panel or can see help from bimac to select experts on the issues whatever may be.

BIMAC is performing an excellent center for dissolution of disputed no matter how complex it is!